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2014 Calendar

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2013 Calendar

Date Venue Event Speaker/Convenor Title/Theme Fri 1 March JCSMR Bioinform...

Encode Revisited (TIC Talk 15 March 2013): Read this journal article first.

[Download file "Genome Biol Evol-2013-Graur-gbe_evt028.pdf"]

2012 Calendar of Speakers

Date Speaker Topic Location Friday 9 March 2012 Assoc Prof Justin Bor...

2011 Calendar of Speakers

DATE SPEAKER TOPIC 3 March 2011 Assoc Prof Gavin Huttley, Comp Gen Lab, JCSMR ...

About TIC

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Slides from Julien Epps' Presentation

[Download file "Julien Epps' slides.pdf"]