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2015 Calendar

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Bioinfosummer 2013

Ben session (Friday) Starting the notebook server. $ ipython notebook --script --pylab=inline [Download file ""] [Dow...

GDU Python Course 2013

Below are the screencasts from the Python Course, organised and run by the Genome Discovery Unit. Each day is organised into 3 ~50 minute blocks....

Introduction to programming 2013

These screencasts are lectures by Gavin Huttley in ANU BIOL3157. They are a very elementary introduction to programming using Python. The lecture...

Encode Revisited (TIC Talk 15 March 2013): Read this journal article first.

[Download file "Genome Biol Evol-2013-Graur-gbe_evt028.pdf"]

Bioinformatics for High Throughput Sequencing

The half-day workshop was run on Monday 3rd December 2012. Below are screencasts of each of the presentations. Dr. Torsten Seemann (VBC)...

Correcting for multiple-tests screen cast

A screencast of Dr Terry Neeman's presentation on that essential topic of correcting for multiple hypothesis tests.

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